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My name is Craig A. Plair.

I am a retired truck driver. As with many others, I have been inundated with commercials on TV of successful people who have invented something.  I’ve been searching to invent  something people would want. Finally in October of 2020, I was overwhelmed by a vision about how to make a better charcoal BBQ pit. My vision included raised handles to make it safer. Removable charcoal pans for easier cleaning. Custom stands and legs to offer better stability. Also, I thought it would be cool to including themes for your favorite sports team, musician and schools.


I have invested my time and money and experience to create what I think is the best design of charcoal BBQ grills. Although it may be risky, I believe my product can create the best cooking experience you will encounter.

I am reaching out to investors who share my enthusiasm. Check out my investor’s page and send me a message.

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