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BBQ Grills

Cap's BBQ Grills is the premier destination for custom-made charcoal grills that will make your barbeque experience nothing short of exceptional.  Our passion is perfecting your outdoor grilling experience, crafting grills with superior quality and superior taste. Experience the difference of our charcoal BBQ grills today.

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We’ve all seen commercials on TV how products have been modified throughout the years.  When the COVID 19 pandemic is over, people will be flooding out to the parks firing up their barbecue pits. Here are three issues people have experienced while barbecuing that have happened to many of us:

  1. Having to the grill off the pit with the utensil and your food may fall into the pit.

  2. Taking the grill off the pit because the coals won’t stay lit.

  3. Taking the grill off the pit to add more coals to continue barbecuing.


Make sure this never happens again by investing in a CAP’s barbecue grill.  Heres’ some modifications Cap has made to the charcoal pit.  Every modification comes standard with our pit.

  1. Handles on the pit to carry the pit.

  2. Handles on the grill to lift the grill.

  3. Legs 3” long on the bottom of the grill so it will sit on a flat surface.

  4. A seasoning holder that is stored inside the pit.

  5. A small door at the bottom of the pit that opens up to dump the ashes out from the bottom.


These added features will make your barbecuing much easier and much more enjoyable. 

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